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Terms Of Service

1) All purchases are final and there will be no refunds. All the purchases you make are used to cover everything that is necessary for the server to run properly.

2) If the server is ever to shut down, all purchased items will be void. Refunds are optional and we don’t guarantee them.

3) The server can effect your purchased goods in anyway without a refund. By buying anything here, you agree that we have full control over your purchased goods. These events will rarely happen where a purchased item or VIP subscription will be terminated or confiscated, but is within the realm of possibility if deemed necessary by a server staff.

4) The server is not responsible in the case of a ban or losing your items because of you, a third party, or anything else that may affect your playing experience on the server. Items cannot be transferred over realms, lend over to another profile and/or traded with another item currently available on the store.

5) If you entered the wrong username, you have to contact a staff member or the owner directly through Discord which is found on this page. You may also contact us through discord

6) Purchasing goods for someone is not allowed unless they give you the permission.

7) Attempts to circumvent our refund policy via filing unauthorized charges with your credit card company will result in a lawsuit, a permanent ban, and could also cause a police investigation.

8) We don't support transfering or trading your rank to other accounts or players. The rank will only apply on the account that made the purchase.