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Boxpvp ranks released!!

Welcome to Chickencraft !

We are the #1 lifestealsmp + pvp network, We support both bedrock & java on our servers and aim to give the best experience for everyone. On our server you can find: CrystalPVP, Kitpvp, FFa, Duels, Parkour, Lifestealsmp, Survival & some more!

Join our cracked smp now!

the webshop is used to fund the server upkeep & update the server on a daily base, there is 0 profit, all donations are appreciated :)

  • Purchases can take up to 10 minutes, if you didn't receive it contact us on discord!
  • If you are on bedrock add a . infront of your name!

ChickenCraft 1.9-1.18

IP: Port: 9001  Discord:

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