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Welcome to ChickenCraft

We are the #1 lifestealsmp + pvp network, We support both bedrock & java on our servers and aim to give the best experience for everyone. On our server you can find: CrystalPVP, Kitpvp, FFa, Duels, Parkour, Lifestealsmp, Earthsmp & more gamemodes!!


Do you have any questions before checking out? Did you wait for more then 10 minutes but your package still has not arrived? Contact us on discord and we will get it fixed for you!       

Refund Policy

All purchases on our webstore are final and are non refundable, Attempting to chargeback your money or opening a paypal dispute will result in a permanent ban on our and many other online minecraft networks. Attempting to circumvent our refund policy will result in a lawsuit and could also cause a police investigation. 

                                                     Terms of service:                                                             

It could take up to 10 minutes for your purchase to proceed, If you did not receive your items or purchased goods please make a ticket in our discord server and we will get it resolved for you as quick as possible


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